The oldest English-speaking Toastmasters club in Paris

What is Toastmasters of Paris ?

Founded in 1975, our club is the oldest English-speaking Toastmaster Club in France.

Stable, resilient, adaptable describe Toastmasters of Paris, as well as funny and diverse. We strive to be a family of nations where everyone who masters English is welcome. 

Why are we THE club to join?

In the convivial and supportive atmosphere of Toastmasters of Paris, any fear quickly transforms into confidence!


Meeting the first and third Tuesdays each month at the restaurant, we rehearse impromptu and prepared speaking – and laugh a lot!


Build real-world skills and competencies in leadership development, motivational strategies, persuasive influence, team collaboration, innovative planning, and more.


English-speaking internationals of all ages, we have a common goal to improve our communication and leadership skills in a warm, supportive environment.


Guests who joined the club


I heard about Toasmasters during a public speaking training course and from my first session at Toastmasters of Paris, as a guest, I immediately wanted to become a member.

Patrick Sanang

Participating in the Toastmasters Club of Paris is like doing an elite MBA, but to tell stories and seduce the public.

What struck me from day one was how fun, inclusive, and military-like the club was in organizing sessions, giving feedback, and helping its members progress in public speaking.


This club gave me the confidence and leadership skills I need to thrive in both life and work. I found a welcoming community that, most importantly, helps each other elevate themselves. As the VP Membership I thought I was going to work on my leadership skills and ended up working on my social skills as well.

Every meeting is sprinkled with useful informative, funny, and inspirational speeches.

Undoubtedly one of the best parts of the club are its members.

Nicole Thomaidou

I joined Toastmasters shortly after I moved to France. I was looking for a new challenge and to make new friends, Toastmasters of Paris was a great opportunity to join an English-speaking community and improve my public speaking skills.

I was terrified of impromptu speeches and I doubted myself, thinking I wasn’t good enough for this club. But the members made me feel so comfortable from day 1 and I transformed from someone terrified of impromptu speeches and public speaking to a winner of impromptu speaking and winner of the best speaker within a couple of months of becoming a member.

Sometimes all you need is a push just like tandem skydiving. Toastmasters was my push and now the sky is the limit!


Toastmasters of Paris provides the perfect blend of non-judgmental support and constructive feedback.

The friendly welcome and cosy venue make every meeting a pleasure to attend.

Highly recommended!


I was looking for a club where I can accomplish three objectives.

The first one was to improve my communication and public speaking skills, the second one was to further develop my leadership skills and the third one was to expand my network as I was new in Paris.

After visiting three Toastmasters Clubs in Paris, TMP was the one that ticked all three boxes. So far it has been a great experience.


Toastmasters of Paris is far more than a club. While public speaking and receiving constructive feedback is the core of each meeting, the friendly atmosphere and a well located venue make the difference. Since the very first day I joined the club, I only have fond memories.

Members and guests are from all over the world, making each one of us very special and unique.

I sincerely hope to see you at our upcoming meeting. Simply ask for Josep!