WELCOME HOME! Laura (Toastmaster of the Evening) selected the theme of home and Amelie picked welcome as the word of […]
Josep, standing in for President, before handing over to our  Toastmaster of the Evening Larry who […]
The success of Toastmasters of Paris is undeniable. The reason for success? – There is a […]
“The best of both worlds!” Martin said about the night’s meeting in his general evaluation. Vincent, […]
Chosen by Toastmaster of the Evening Alex, the theme of good habits was the leitmotif of […]
Welcomed by Alex as the “very experienced” former president of Toastmasters, Danielle explained her choice of […]
For the last meeting of the year, we were saddened to hear that Peter could not […]
Our Topsy Turvy meeting was “energetic”, “confusing”, “intriguing”, and “enriching”, according to our guests Jiaojiao, Kang, […]
Tricia, standing in for President, gave a warm welcome to the members and our four guests. […]
TMP is the epitome of a benevolent business, and the April 26th meeting certainly showed this! Events, […]
Michelle Obama’s “The journey never ends” is true for Toastmasters – both for the individuals on […]
In (belated) Mardi Gras mood, TMPers were delighted to be back in the restaurant for the […]
Yes, it was still a Zoom meeting, but ‘virtually’ triumphal nevertheless! Oana opened the session on a […]
Resilience, the theme of the day, was demonstrated when the inauguration of two new members had […]
There is no elevator to success: you have to take the stairs. But Toastmasters can give […]
While Oana’s absence was a sad reminder that times are not easy, it was good to […]
With “The magic of believing” as theme, the meeting was festive and full of cheer. Limited […]
To celebrate Christmas as it should be doneThe meeting was special – good food, jokes, and […]
While the theme of the evening was “Pause”, there was not one moment of silence. Oana, […]
TMP is nothing without the team. Many people take on named roles and plaudits are generally […]
I’m still smiling from the October 19 meeting! The theme, ‘When You’re Smiling, the Whole World […]
Written by Siobhan Berry A few attended the October 5th meeting via Zoom, but most of […]
HYBRID IS HERE! The second meeting of the year was another first as hybrid was launched. […]
Great leaders are great evaluators Find below the slides from the great session delivered by Peter […]
As the wheels were slowly but steadily set in motion for the new year, tribute must […]
The meeting that was a first and a last – the first ever hybrid TMP and […]
Vicki opened the session with the news that the club is returning (hopefully!) to Les Noces […]
What a great way to start the month! – a real regeneration of the spirit, to […]
We were delighted to welcome five guests. Thanks to Celia, Sharon, Thomas, Linda, and Vance them […]
Rebirth was the topic introduced by Toastmaster Alex. Cindi’s toast of the evening wished all the […]