How was the meeting? The short answer – a success, with creative table topics, speakers with very different styles, good evaluators, and an interesting new ‘Hark Master’ section, according to Vincent, our General Evaluator. For the long one, read on!

Anaelle, Toastmaster, introduced transition as the theme, and Vicki, toasting, reminded us of the changes we have all seen and then wished that “Our transitions may be that of a butterfly, beautiful and free.” Suzanne proposed segue as word of the evening and Laura F surpassed herself in telling two subject-related jokes.

Silvia’s table topics induced a wonderful variety of responses. Josep suggested climate-conscious lifestyles. Martin described the seductive dangers of AI. Suzanne  explained how she would support people undergoing major life changes. Thalia imagined how it would feel to undergo gender transition. Siobhan reported the plight of immigrants in transition. Finally Maria became Mother Bird directing her two children before their first ever migration flight!

Amelie’s “Today we have a Meeting with the Pope” was evaluated by Jessica, who described her as  a wonderful storyteller”.  She reported that Amelie had excelled in structure, body language and vocal techniques, and in the emotional content – and suggested that her constructive criticism amounted to nitpicking!

“To Go Where No One has Gone Before” was a powerful and intriguing title, Yasmine told Connal. She enjoyed both his opening, the attention-grabbing “We’ve won! We’ve won!”, and conclusion, a call to action and book recommendation, and praised his use of questions. Moving forwards, she advised more vocal variety and suggested slowing down, particularly on transitions.

Nadege argued that Benoit’s “Taking the Lead” had met the objective, to share his identified leadership style, and went beyond by discussing other types. She enjoyed his “usual funny style” and his use of story, noting that the speech was coherent and that the delivery comfortable. To improve, she would have liked to have examples of when he had used each of his styles.

Alex attested to general eloquence, claiming it had been a “low-stumble evening”. Vicki introduced a “Hark Master” section, discovered in her Area Director visits to other clubs, and asked a series of questions that proved the audience had been attentive.

The evening ended with feedback from guests, who said the evening was “great as ever” (Talia), “funny” (Yannis),  “wonderful” (Sofia),  “inspiring” (Amine), “ambitious”(Dania), and “happy” (Maria). Mohamed promised he would definitely be back and Ella said she would love to join us!

Congratulations to the winners of the evening, Maria for Table Topics, Amelie for the Speech, and Jessica for Evaluation.

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