If you weren’t there and want to know what you missed –

Guests Lorena (whose friend recommended us), Saurabh (who read TMP’s reviews and decided this was the club for him), and Amin (whose public speaking research reading suggested Toastmasters) told us that the evening was fantastic, engaging, great fun with a great vibe, and an engaging experience. Ana, a former member, told us it was good to be back. Tristan, who was guest for the final time, gave his candidacy speech, arguing that the skills he acquires will be useful professionally, and promising in return to be a reliable and committed member. Lars, former guest, was inducted – welcome to TMP!

Mohammad, our Toastmaster of the Evening, had chosen the future as theme, and Alex picked this up in his joke (a year ago he threw a boomerang and is now living in fear!). Siobhan, giving the toast, hoped that we would all create a perfect future but also take time to enjoy the present.

Anaelle encouraged us to explore the theme further in the table topics. Patrick hopes that in the future we will overcome Covid and difficulties such as climate change. The Olympics is a contemporary event that will still be talked about a hundred years from now, according to Eliza. With forty years’ enjoyment of science fiction behind him, Connal predicts that in the future, humanity will gain a foothold on other planets. A hundred years hence, Tristan suggests that we might finally have flying cars, adding that they would be driverless. Lars imagines that social relationships will be very different, and we may no longer even date real people. Amin spoke to us from 2123, telling us that he is indeed dating an avatar, but reassuring us that it is a good relationship!

Yasmine commended Jessica (Journey of Rediscovery) for full use of the space, body language –her intentional gestures and contagious smile, natural sounding speech without reference to notes, and dramatic use of stories. She recommended using pauses more deliberately and perhaps slowing down at the end.

Benoit praised Josep’s The Art in Millions for a dramatic opening, good structure, clear slides with minimal text, and use of body language. He warned Josep about signalling a search for words, and advised that, to avoid technical difficulties, the set-up should be rehearsed in advance (if possible).

 Evaluating Anaelle’s podcast “Fat Isn’t a Bad Word”, Siobhan praised the professional use of technology; variety of pacing and style – with objective facts, humor, narrative, and music; her use of conversation both in narrating story and in her address to the audience; and the bold choice of subject.

Cindi (Music Appreciation No. 3 – The Diva) was complimented for her very informative presentation on Maria Callas, her use of stories, and her ability to synthesize the information to fit the time. (Vicki noted that Cindi has such a wealth of knowledge that she could have spoken for much longer!) She felt the speech could have been enlivened by hearing some of Callas’ music.

In the general evaluation, Laura noted that TMPers are good listeners, even when there are distractions, making speaking here an enjoyable experience. She also praised Mohammad for his choice of provocative and interesting table topics and for encouraging guests, even fist-timer Amin, to participate.

Josep called a special guest to the lectern – Vicki! Now Area Director, she explained her responsibility to four clubs – and claimed that we are the best!

Finally awards were given to the best of the best – Yasmine for her evaluation, Amin for his table topic, and Jessica for her speech.



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