There is no elevator to success: you have to take the stairs. But Toastmasters can give […]
New Beginnings : TMP Meeting : January 4, 2022 While Oana’s absence was a sad reminder […]
TOASTMASTERS OF PARIS’ MAGIC : The Magic of Believing : December 21, 2021 : TMP Meeting […]
To celebrate Christmas as it should be doneThe meeting was special – good food, jokes, and […]
By Siobhan Berry TMP is nothing without the team. Many people take on named roles and […]
By Siobhan Berry I’m still smiling from the October 19 meeting! The theme, ‘When You’re Smiling, […]
HYBRID IS HERE! The second meeting of the year was another first as hybrid was launched. […]
As the wheels were slowly but steadily set in motion for the new year, tribute must […]
The meeting that was a first and a last – the first ever hybrid TMP and […]
Vicki opened the session with the news that the club is returning (hopefully!) to Les Noces […]
What a great way to start the month! – a real regeneration of the spirit, to […]
Rebirth was the topic introduced by Toastmaster Alex. Cindi’s toast of the evening wished all the […]
At a time when we are looking for new members, it was a particular joy to […]
Congratulations to Bob, whose recent wins – in both speaking and evaluating – elevate him from […]
Once again, we had twenty-five people with us for our meeting, including several guests. Jessica is […]
from Siobhan Berry, VP PR It was such a joy to see twenty-five faces on the […]
The reaction of most guests to a Toastmasters of Paris meeting is Wow.  For the past 20 […]